Cybersecurity so good. Even a vixen would nod.

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    We use mobile phones to make sure that your business and software are up-to-date against cyber hackers. As mobile phones are now becoming near the equivalent of supercomputers that are handheld. We at at Vixensoft (Cybersecurity & More) believe it is necessary to use these devices for the cybersecurity purposes that they are needed for.

    Why this works

    Our cell phones are now the equivalent of supercomputers. We also have the ability to change operating systems on them. Android is a linux-based system as to start with. We at Vixensoft Cybersecurity and More) place Kylie Linux as a background system on to our Android devices for penetration testing and more.


    Our methods and ideas are that of a person of integrity. We do nothing without permission, and only what we have been allotted to do.

    Current Device Spec.

    Broadband Generation: 4G

    Clock hh1peed: 3.1 GHz

    Features: Bluetooth, GPS, Kylie Linux operating system, Touch Screen, Stylus, Triple lense camera, 6.8in. screen

    Number of Cores: 8 Core Snapdragon

    Installed RAM: 3 GB

    installed SWAP File: 36 GB

    Security: Fingerprint Scanner

    Current Investigations

    Bexar County police steal 32yr old's belongings.

    The Bexar County police have never been known in San Antonio, Texas for being the nicely tipe. This company has uncovered a massive puppeteering scam. This involved not just the Bexar County Police Department, but the San Antonio Police Department and the Converse Police Department. this 32yr old has been trying to report all of this evidence for nearly a year. Ever since Jan. 26, 2021 this transgenders woman has walked in, called, and even pulled the random officer to the side. none of the above named Police Departments have even let her make/file a report. click below to see the picture evidence and hear her story.

    from the horses mouth

    A lost investment found

    On Dec. 7, 2021 Vixensoft (Cybersecurity & More) was asked to look in to some missing paperwork. This paperwork contained purchased Stocks in a business. Calls were made, permission was granted, and off we went. In little under 20 minutes the files were found to be corrupted. after a few more phone conversations, permission was granted to fix. Our customer (who wishes to be unnamed) now has all their paperwork in order.


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